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Print off the Out of Town measurement form from this website or pick one up from any Western Tux Showroom.  Give the form to your attendants and have them visit any tuxedo rental store for proper measurements.


Once the Out Of Town forms are completed have your attendants send them to you.  Once you have collected them all you can fax, email, or call the measurements to the appropriate Western Tux showroom.  We will take it from there!


To ensure the proper fit, all attendants must have a final fitting.  This will be done the Thursday or Friday before the wedding.  All of your attendants will try on their tuxes to ensure they fit properly before they leave the store.  Any last minute alterations will be handled at that time.

 Things To Keep In Mind!

  • Encourage your attendants to go to a tuxedo rental store for their measurements.  The measurements will be the most accurate if dome by a professional, however if this is impossible please visit How To Measure under the resources tab on this website.

  • When sending in Out Of Town measurements for your wedding make sure you include the date of the wedding, the grooms name, and the name of the groomsman.  This way we can ensure that your Out Of Town measurements get to the right place!

  • Please send in all the measurements 4 to 6 weeks prior to the wedding to ensure availability of the styles you have chosen for your wedding.